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Robinson Family | Out and About Session

“Emory is such a sweet blessing to our family and always keeps us laughing. It’s fun watching her personality come out and seeing her learn new things everyday. When she is awake, she takes everything in and is so wide eyed. Her giggle is the best sound in the world and her Dad can get her laughing the hardest. It makes us melt when her face lights up as we walk into the room. We can’t imagine life without this precious baby girl and are excited to watch her grow!”

She is a happy baby. She is strong. And content. And when she is not laughing or smiling, she has a serious side. She sleeps a lot, but when she is awake she is a joy. She brings peace and fun and feelings to her Mommy and Daddy they have never felt before. Whether it’s the way she stretches her arms all the way out to balance herself when she tries to sit up. Or the way her straight, light blond hair sticks straight in the air when the wind blows. Or the way her eyes and nose scrunch up when she is giggling with that contagious smile. Or the way her eyes get really big and round when she is surprised or curious or exploring. Or the way her Mommy squeezes her little cheeks to get her to smile or comforts her in the most gentle way that no one else can. Or her Daddy lifting her in the air or holding her so tight. No matter what it is, Emory is an amazing, precious, happy 6 1/2 month old girl.


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