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My name is Sara. And I capture moments. In-between moments.  Because that’s where I believe life really exists. I capture those every day moments that you always want to remember.  Those moments that touch the deepest part of your soul. Moments that are punctuated by a melodious laugh. A glistening tear. An intimate glance. Moments that you can’t manufacture. They just happen. They are real. And important. These moments are your family’s legacy.  They are life.

I treasure those moments in my own life….


Gathered around the table with my dear family while we laugh. and share. and joke. And inhale my mom’s home-cooked Sunday lunch…

Not noticing the minutes tick into the wee hours while I talk with a friend. About life. And faith. And memories. We laugh. We might cry. We will probably laugh till we cry…

Unwrapping the little gifts that God gives me…The sweet giggles of my precious nieces and nephew. A milkshake and a sunset on the Emerald Isle shore. The whisper of a prayer to my God when I realize He is all I need. The heartfelt thankfulness I receive when a client sees the images I have captured for them.

I’d love to join you in your journey. To capture your moments. Your everyday moments. The moments in your life that you will always want to remember.