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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Holland Family | Life Session

“I want to remember how James is so sweet at this age but yet so feisty, stubborn and strong-willed.  I want to remember Harrison’s adorable smile and his funny expressions and the way he fits perfectly into our family.  I want to remember the love that the two of them already have for each other […]

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Hadley | 18 Months

My sweet, funny, adorable, smart niece turned 18 months this month, so I wanted to capture what she is like and what she loves at this stage in her life.  The joy she brings to everyone in her life is indescribable.  She is so cuddly and she is just beyond cute.  She has always smiled […]

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Davis | Dedication to the Lord

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and brother-in-law, Rebecca and Travis, chose to have my sweet nephew dedicated to the Lord at their church, Open Door Ministries. It was such a beautiful ceremony. My favorite part was when Pastor Greg Kennedy went up to each child that was being dedicated, and prayed specific prayers […]

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Home Life Sessions | Mini Sessions!

His entire world is currently made up of the rectangle of paper in front of him, and the picture on it. He colors with broad strokes, favoring a stubby orange crayon held tightly in his fist. He colors with intensity and intentionality. To others, it’s merely a scribbled picture. To you, it’s a work of […]

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